Facial Treatments

€ 80

Sculpture Lifting

An innovative method to reshape the face and strengthen the muscles, preventing skin relaxation. The facial muscles and the muscles of the oral cavity are massaged deeply. Muscle tone and elasticity are restored, wrinkles are reduced and skin is brighter.

Viso Glow

An ultra-hydrating path for an immediate lifting effect. Exfoliation with fruit acids to restore radiance to the face, neck and decolleté. Cleansing is completed by a moisturising and regenerating vitamins mask.

Viso Thermal

Regenerating treatment that uses the properties of oxygen combined to a cocktail of anti-ageing, moisturising and active vitamines. The result is a more uniform, bright and compact skin.

Viso Vitamines

Treatment that works by eliminating the surface layers of the epidermis thanks to the dissolution of dead cells. The peeling works by lightening the complexion, narrowing the pores, attenuating wrinkles and pigmentary spots.