In collaboration with the Oncology Esthetics Association, The White Medispa presents a dedicated program. Esthetics Oncology stems from offering safe treatments to those who face disease and resulting side effects from treatments. The White Medispa is composed of certified estheticians, osteopaths, naturopaths, nutritionists, reflexologists, psychologists and plastic surgeons.   

Beauty treatments can become an important support to help and improve the general well-being and mitigate the side effects of treatments, with the certainty of benefits from completely safe interventions.

The White Medispa ensures that the sterilization protocols are carried out by medical autoclave.  Treatments at home are available upon request.

For an appointment, a qualified esthetician is at your disposal for a personalized consultation in complete discretion.  



Specific treatments to counteract the fragility of the nail and the skin sensitization by the use of oils, creams and natural enamels. 

Manicure  25

Pedicure  45


Skin care  50

Protect the skin from dryness and brittleness through an in-depth analysis of the skin to recommend routes for natural and simple treatments.

Restores radiance and revitalizes the skin through the use of natural products with high soothing and anti-aging benefits for a moment of total relaxation and serenity. ciprobeta


Loving touch  70
Massage featuring light touches that enhance the psychological wellbeing, allowing a balance between body, heart and mind. The massage oil used has a very high moisturizing and soothing effect.

Tip to Toe  70
Treatment focused on the ends of the body and scalp. This massage relieves tension and produces endorphins.

Reiki  80
Reiki Energy Healing is a gentle Japanese relaxation therapy that supports the healing process of the body, promoting balance and inner calmness.

Reflexology  80
This technique of oriental massage relaxes body and mind, abandoning the expert hands of the therapist for an immediate wellbeing; it improves nocturnal rest and nausea.

Blooming  80
Through the fusion of various techniques using flower extracts, this holistic therapy awakens your ability to heal and reintroduces harmony on different levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to promote a state of peace.

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