€ 80

60 min

Deep tissue

A massage that gives well-being and energy acting on muscle contractions and relaxing tensions.


Drainage massage that fights cellulite and stimulates the elimination of excess fluid with gentle, fluid and calming movements. The treatment favors the elimination of toxins, oxygenates the tissues and awakens the circulation of the entire body.


Oriental massage with and intense and deep touch aiming to restore the balance of the Chackras. Perfect to increase the level of energy and well-being

The white

Relaxing massage to regain balance. Calm, rest and free your mind by giving your body a feeling of complete well-being and deep awareness.


The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage seeks a perfect harmony in a relaxing atmosphere where the therapist hands reproduce the movements of the ocean.


Massage customized to your needs. Tell your thoughts to the therapist and trust his hands.

The brossage

Exfoliating treatment with the use of a brush body. This ancient Japanese practice allows a deep cleaning to dry skin without the use of any cosmetic product. The ritual continues with a massage with essential oils for an enveloping feeling of purification and extreme relaxation.

Body treatments


€ 60

Ideal for those suffering from poor circulation and swelling, pressure therapy stimulates circulation of the body for a feeling of lightness.


€ 75

Targeted treatment for the reduction of fat, cellulite and to increase elasticity and tonicity of the tissues. This technique of mechanical stimulation activates the production of collagen and elastin for a rejuvenating effect and for firming the skin. Specific protocols for sports or special issues, such as scars, wrinkles, fragile tissues and inelastic are available.


€ 80

A technique used to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to allow active ingredients to penetrate more deeply. The result is a more compact and radiant skin.